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Former Raven Brad Jackson on Lardarius Webb's shift to safety

Former Raven discusses Webb's translation from corner to safety

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

"No I love Webby and respect him, but absolutely not."

What former Ravens linebacker Brad Jackson said to CBS Baltimore in a radio interview. Jackson was obviously talking of Lardarius Webb translation from cornerback to the safety position. With Father Time starting to rap at his chamber doors, Webb is hoping to continue his steep contract with Baltimore. Webb is due $9.5 million this season, but the Ravens can save $3.5 million by cutting Lardarius. And in Ozzie's eyes, he needs that money rather than the slower, less skilled Webb.

Brad Jackson, also goes on by saying, "Everybody wants to do that, everybody can't do what Charles Woodson did. Can't do what Rod Woodson did."

Brad discussed with DeAngelo Hall on the differences from corner to safety, and Hall preached the difficulties are there.

"It is extremely difficult because your angles are different. The way you view things as a corner and safety is different. You can't take as many chances at that safety position. And you have to be a sure-tackler!"

All things that in my mind speak Lardarius Webb needs to go, and the Ravens need to free up $3.5 million from cutting Webb. As big of a fan as I am of #21, I would much rather prefer the services of Terrance Brooks, Matt Elam, or Kendrick Lewis than Webb receiving $9.5 million dollars and being a mediocre to bad safety. The Ravens have enough trouble in the secondary, we cannot be trying out new methods such as this, when they are un-affordable.