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Baltimore Beatdown has a new editor

Hello there Baltimore Beatdown readers.

I'm both happy and sad to say that I have officially stepped down from my position here at Baltimore Beatdown. While I have enjoyed every minute of my journey with Baltimore Beatdown and all of you, I will be moving on to USA Today and Now I'm not going to be the managing editor any longer, but that doesn't mean I still won't be on from time to time to argue with all of you about things and I will definitely be checking out all the content.

As my replacement, the wonderful Kyle Barber will be taking over. He knows the system here, and he knows the gameplan that I had started to set up so he can take it and make it even better. I know how crazy you can all get, so be gentle on him and he'll do a hell of a job.

Other than that, I appreciate you all reading and sharing not only my articles, but the ones from the entire site during my tenure. Hope to see you all at my new position and still around here.

Matthew Stevens