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Are the Baltimore Ravens hurting for elite edge talent?

Is pass rush a necessity in round 1?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

With the finale of the Broncos - Patriots AFC Championship many fans are exclaiming their lust for a supreme edge rusher. Specifically of Von Miller & Demarcus Ware caliber.

There are two big arguments against this which I hold, and I hope fans agree.

  1. It is no easy feat to win against the New England Patriots. There are very few ways to win in fact. The Ravens had the best edge combo in the NFL the previous season, and Tom Brady still slaughtered the secondary. Elvis Dumervil and Terrell Suggs were getting an arm on Brady within two seconds, but he was releasing the ball in one. What happened in that game is perfect execution, and with three turnovers by the Patriots they were still only a two point conversion away from tying the game. The only way to stop Mr. Brady is by having ridiculous amounts of pressure on a 3-4 man set. and dropping 7 or 8 men into coverage to blanket Edelman & Gronkowski. And the pressure to be so very much that he cannot find a window to fire a strike through. Look at the Buffalo Bills, they have supreme edge talent, and yet they cannot stop the Patriots offense AND also not make offensive blunders while stacking on their fair share of points as well. This isn't an easy accomplishment. "Let's just draft an once in a lifetime talent and win" It doesn't just happen.
  2. Is there somebody of Von Miller's category in round 1 pick 6? Do the Ravens believe that Joey Bosa is best player available if he is still available at six? I know the answer is yes, but even then, is Bosa on the same game-changing level as Von Miller? Is his ceiliing below, at, or above Miller's current play? All questions that do not have answers currently.

This is not an easy game to draft talent for, and finding all the pieces to the puzzle at the prices everybody wants is damned near impossible. Only talented drafting with a little bit of luck to follow, also mixed with great coaches developing this talent are able to truly accomplish harnessing full extent of these qualities.

In closing, the Ravens do not absolutely need to draft an edge talent. They have needs in all areas, and the front office knows this.