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Former Baltimore Ravens backup quarterback Tyrod Taylor named to the Pro Bowl

In his first year as starter, no less...

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens are known to be good at developing players, many of whom end up playing important roles for other teams in the league once they hit free agency. Some recent examples of this are left tackle Michael Oher, who is starting at an important position for the NFC Champion Carolina Panthers, and stellar pass rusher Pernell McPhee,  a recent Chicago Bears signee.

One player who also fits that criteria has blossomed after leaving Baltimore, but at least for him there is a good reason he couldn't show his abilities with the Ravens- he was blocked by the always healthy Joe Flacco, who was consistently winning and making the playoffs. Now outside the confines of the Ravens system, new Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor was put in a system which accentuated his strengths, and shielded his flaws. The result is the first year starter made a Pro Bowl in his first season at the helm, replacing Cam Newton as he prepares for a much bigger game on the ultimate stage: Super Bowl 50.

Taylor was 8-6 in games he played in, putting up 3035 passing yards, 20 touchdowns and 6 interceptions in 14 games with a 63.7% completion percentage. He added 104 rushes for 568 yards and another 4 rushing touchdowns. He also led 2 game winning drives.

Taylor was a player head coach Rex Ryan had previously tried to acquire when he was with the New York Jets, and Taylor rewarded that trust with a stellar season. The Pro Bowl selection is just another accolade for the former Raven to hang on his mantle.