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Super Bowl filled with former Ravens

The Panthers Broncos match-up consists of many former Ravens

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

After the Carolina Panthers destroyed any hope for the Arizona Cardinals Super Bowl dreams, they added three more players to the Super Bowl that were former Ravens.

List of former Ravens now playing for the Championship:

  1. Michael Oher
  2. Ed Dickson
  3. Dwan Edwards
  4. Darian Stewart
  5. Owen Daniels
  6. Gary Kubiak (offensive co-ordinator last season)

Of this list, the first three were all drafted by the Baltimore Ravens. Michael Oher, an on-again off-again left tackle & right tackle clearly fixed some issues with blocking as he has done a very good job blocking for MVP Cam Newton. You don't throw 35 touchdowns, and rush another 10 by having a weak blindside blocker.

Ed Dickson, affectionately known in the Baltimore area as 'stone hands', strutting some decent #2 tight end numbers.

  • 17 catches | 121 Yards | 2 TD's

With Greg Olsen being Cam Newton's #1 receiving threat, it is tough to be on the field so often as a tight end, but nonetheless he has been a great addition for Carolina. Also, Ed Dickson is a decent blocking tight end, helping them to achieve an effective run game. The combined yardage for the Panthers backfield in total (All RB's & Cam) is an impressive 2,172 yards.

Dwan Edwards is a former drafted Raven and his talents are in the rotational effort. Dwan is no longer a starting D-lineman, but in a constant rotation to keep fresh legs on the field, he provided 14 total tackles and a sack. Great numbers for a back-up lineman on their powerhouse front seven.

On the opposing side, Darian Stewart has been a big factor for Denver. With 63 combined tackles and 2 INT's on the full season, Stewart easily proved he could play the starting safety position with Denver.

Owen Daniels, an all-time Kubiak man helped the Ravens last season. His numbers for Denver are almost identical.

2014: 48 Receptions | 527 Yards | 11.0 Average | 4 TD's
2015: 46 Receptions | 517 Yards | 11.2 Average | 3 TD's

Clearly another constant performer, and even in doing so with some bad start up chemistry with Peyton Manning.

Gary Kubiak was an important leader for Baltimore as well, transforming the offense with historical numbers, breaking franchise records for offense as Joe Flacco put up career numbers.

No matter the Super Bowl 50 winner, three former Ravens will be wearing a championship ring in the end (or another in the cases of Oher and Dickson).