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Ravens CB Shareece Wright Would Love to Remain in Baltimore

The free agent signee worked his way to the top of the grade chart for Ravens cornerbacks and would like to continue the trek to the top in Baltimore.

Wright, #35, hopes to remain in Baltimore with his best friend Smith, #22. The team that prays together, stays together?
Wright, #35, hopes to remain in Baltimore with his best friend Smith, #22. The team that prays together, stays together?
Patrick Smith, Getty Images

Ravens in-season addition, cornerback Shareece Wright, has made it clear that he does not want to be just a temporary band-aid.

He wants to be a permanent salve.

"I came here with the intentions of possibly coming back here," he told Garret Downing of the official team website.

The reasons are the ones that Ravens fans have become familiar in hearing: Franchise, Future, and Family.

"...It's a great organization," Wright said.  This, after having spent the invitation-only after party with the Ravens in New Orleans, post-Super Bowl XLVII victory.  Perhaps this was what Coach John Harbaugh meant when he said that he was already close to Wright, prior to his coming to Baltimore.  Perhaps also, that was a nod to an endorsement from his brother John, who was Wright's coach in San Francisco.

"...We’re trying to be the best corners in the league next year...," Wright said in reference to the future. "Being those lockdown corners, we definitely want to be that. We’re close (to being that)."

Pro Football Focus might not agree with that statement, both of the corners graded outside of the top 40 corners in the league; Wright graded out as the best corner on the team with more than 50 snaps--in other words, any notable amount of play time.

from Pro Football Focus. Note: the Yellow color code means below average.

The third reason--perhaps the most compelling, and indubitably the reason that Wright came to Baltimore--is the "family" of his childhood best friend playing on the opposite side of the defense.  Jimmy Smith and Wright grew up in the same Southern California neighborhood, finishing out at the same High School and on the same team.  They are used to making plays and maybe even challenging each other with who could make the most plays, as good friends who are teammates commonly do.

Here is Smith (#3, White) making a play for the Colton High YellowJackets in 2005:

Two plays later, he caught an 80-plus yard touchdown pass.

Not to be outdone, here is Wright (#2, White) making similar plays in the same game:

Wright made multiple breakout plays as a running back in this game; it was clear that he, not Smith, was the marquee player for the team.

"Hopefully we can keep him around," Smith told Downing. "He has done a lot for us...[It is]  kind of reminiscent of [our] high school days when we used to go down, shut it down in high school."

It's a rare and interesting scenario; #2 and #3 could once again be adjacent as Ravens.  Wright has made it clear that it is what he wants, as Smith did.  Time will tell if that Hail Mary will be answered by Ravens decision makers.