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Sunday's 2016 Championship Games: A Rooting Guide

There's four less teams in the playoffs and you may or may not have been rooting for one of those fallen teams. Fear not, there's four more teams for you to root for this weekend. Here's your rooting guide for tonight.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

We're down to the final four today and there's a strong chance that one of the teams that you were rooting for fell last week. Don't worry, there's still plenty of reason for you to root for the teams left in the Championship round.

Arizona Cardinals

Reasons to root for:

They're one of the NFL's ringless franchises and one of the longest suffering franchises in the league. Also Larry Fitzgerald deserves to be a champion. Also, I don't know about you, but I would find it funny that Carson Palmer is making a trip to the Super Bowl, while the team that drafted him can't get any further than round one.

Reasons to root against:

They have Carson Palmer and Bruce Arians, two guys who spent the better part of the 2000s on the Ravens rivals.

Carolina Panthers

Reasons to root for:

The Panthers have an elite defense as well. They also have one of the most dynamic players in Cam Newton. Also the Panthers are one of the NFL's ringless franchises.

Reasons to root against:

You're an old-fashioned person who doesn't like Cam's celebrations.

New England Patriots

Why you should root for them:

You find the Gronk to be the most tolerable Patriot on the team

Why you shouldn't:

You don't need me to list all of the reasons why you shouldn't

Denver Broncos

Why you should root for them:

You're a Peyton Manning fan and you want him to go out with a ring.

Why you shouldn't:

Peyton Manning has enough hype. God forbid that he gets the storybook ending. And they stole Gary Kubiak.

There you have it. In the AFC you have to decide which re-run you want to see again in the Super Bowl, while in the NFC there's actually something interesting for you to root for. Take your pick of what to root for tomorrow.