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Former Baltimore cornerback Chris McAlister is a Ravens legend

Arising from Arizona like a phoenix, his achievements make him comparable to not just one Superhero, but an entire team of them.

You would have belived that a man could fly.
You would have belived that a man could fly.
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

DC's Legends of Tomorrow, Series Premiere Thursday Jan. 21 at 8/7c on The CW. Check out the trailer: #DCLegends

In two days, The CW will premiere a much-anticipated miniseries adaptation entitled DC's Legends of Tomorrow.  It's about a future hero who returns in time to recruit a ragtag team of super-powered heroes and villains alike to stop the one person who will destroy the world, and time itself, in the future.

What if I were that Rip Hunter, bounding outside of time's framework, to bring you the name and accomplishments of the next member of the Ravens Ring of Honor?

What if that brilliant player had characteristics respectively reflecting members of DC's Legends of Tomorrow team, completing the parallel?

Ravens Nation I present to you, CHRIS MCALISTER, CB, your newest member-to-be of the Ring of Honor in M&T Bank Stadium.

Like The Atom, his abilities shrink a side of the field, taking away tactics from an opponent.

Like Firestorm, he would both study his opponent and then unleash a nearly nuclear physicality to stop him.

Like Hawkman and Hawkgirl, he could fly.

Like White Canary, he could come back from the "dead" and recover from a given up big play.

Like Captain Cold, he would freeze an opposing receiver out of the gameplan.

Like Heat Wave, he would burn an opposing QB for testing him.

Like Rip Hunter, he was timeless, playing at a high level for ten years.

And while he was not perfect, what was clear was that he Played Like A Raven through and through.

How many times did he save Ravens Nation with a timely interception of pass defense?  His is the stuff of legend, deserving of the Ring.

On Thursday, his super-powered counterparts will begin their pursuit of a justification of the title Legends, of Tomorrow, and blitz you with excitement for the full two hours.