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Flashback Friday: Colts are still the manipulative franchise they have always been

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts organization has always been a shady and manipulative one dating back to their days in Baltimore as the Baltimore Colts whenever the subject of relocation rolls around. The Colts, like a coward under then owner Robert Irsay in 1984, took the team out of Baltimore in the middle of the night which ultimately brought the Baltimore Ravens into existence in 1996.

The history, the colors of the franchise are all in Indianapolis. Baltimore fans, especially the ones who were around to see the Colts move away in Mayflower trucks, can relate to what St. Louis Rams fans are about to go through. There's always going to be a what if or other questions about the future in general for St. Louis fans.

"Will our city get another team again? Are we going to get a team via expansion or by relocation? Why couldn't things work out better? Why did we have the misfortune of having a shady owner who had no real intention of staying? Is the NFL out to get us? What did we do as fans to deserve this?" Those are the questions St. Louis fans will ask themselves.

So now, the Colts are back to doing what they do best: Being inconsiderate and praying on the disappointment of fans. This time, St. Louis Rams  fans are on the receiving end.

Just when you think the Colts couldn't sink any lower. And don't think for a second that the Colts didn't vote for the Rams to relocate to Los Angeles either. They had a dog in this fight obviously in terms of territorial rights and they are not ashamed to show it.

It just amazes me how people give the city of Baltimore so much grief for the Browns relocating from Cleveland to Baltimore. Last time I checked, the Browns are still in Cleveland as they got an expansion team as they were without a football team for only three years. Last time I checked, the Browns history and colors are still in Cleveland. Baltimore didn't want their history.

Are the Colts still in Baltimore? Did Cleveland wait 12 years for another NFL team like Baltimore did? Did an NFL commissioner tell Cleveland to go build a museum instead of having a football team like Paul Tagliabue once told the city of Baltimore? No.

Almost all of the criticism these days when the topic of relocation comes up goes to the city of Baltimore and how owner Art Modell at the time handled the relocation to Baltimore in 1996 in regards to the Ravens. But whenever a Baltimore fan talks about how the Irsay's and the Colts franchise did Baltimore wrong, a lot of people around the football world tells Baltimore to get over it.