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Donald Trump to be asked: Is Joe Flacco Elite?

Hard-hitting questions to be asked tonight.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

With the Republican debates tonight, a particular question arising could easily crumble the televised occasion as we know it. Specifically, the question for Donald Trump today could easily become the most important of his career. PFT Commenter with the latest has submitted onto Twitter:

I really wonder if he will attempt to dodge the question in his response, or flat-out agree as we all know in fact; Joseph Dragon Flacco is Elite. This isn't some run of the mill question about Trump's opinion on illegal immigration. Nor does this question come from the stand-point on America's economy. No mention of lowered price of oil. This instead is the question of is he truly elite? This could be a two part answer. Before ACL tear, and after his recovery will he still be elite? Was he in the first place? Find out on the upcoming episode of American Politics, tonight at 9 PM ET.