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Former Ravens secondary coach Teryl Austin a candidate for several head coaching jobs

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens, known as the minor leagues for developing up and coming candidates for Head Coach and Coordinator jobs in the NFL, may have yet another Head Coach selected from their coaching tree this offseason. Teryl Austin, who left with former Ravens offensive coordinator Jim Caldwell when Caldwell became the Head Coach of the Detroit Lions, is lining up interviews for open jobs across the league. Austin, who served as the Ravens secondary coach for three seasons, just finished his second year as the defensive coordinator for the Lions.

Austin, a former defensive back at the University of Pittsburgh, is one of the hotter Head Coaching candidates this year, after receiving interviews last offseason but ultimately being passed over. So far Austin has interviewed with the New York Giants, Cleveland Browns, and Miami Dolphins, and is set to interview with the Tennessee Titans. He is also on the interview list for the Philadelphia Eagles. Of those teams, only the Dolphins have already hired a Coach, selecting Adam Gase, the former offensive coordinator in Chicago and Denver.

Austin is one of the top coaching options with a defensive background, along with Panthers defensive coordinator Sean McDermott and Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia.

Other former Ravens coaches who are receiving interviews include former quarterbacks coach Hue Jackson, a favorite for the Cleveland Browns job if he doesn't get any better offers and Mike Smith, who was the Head Coach for the Falcons 6 years.