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Breaking News: L.A. Committee Makes a Recommendation

NFL Owners are meeting in Houston in order to, among other things, determine the two teams that will relocate to Los Angeles, and to which stadium, or stadiums, they will go.'s Judy Battista has uncovered an initial morsel of news that could steer the final decision, to come within approximately 24 hours.

An eager, and forward-thinking, Rams fan lets his hope be known, Costner style.
An eager, and forward-thinking, Rams fan lets his hope be known, Costner style.
Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL owners meeting currently convening in Houston has produced a tidbit of news in that the Carson Project for the Los Angeles stadium and team venture has gotten the thumbs up from the Committee on L.A. recollection. columnist Judy Battista reports that Carson is the version where the Chargers and the Raiders are co-tenants of a new state-of-the-art facility, with a massive "Wow" factor, and chaired by a very capable manager of 'Wow' factors, Disney Chairman Bob Iger.

The other option that has been considered is the Rams owner Stan Kroenke's Inglewood project.  This stadium design has even more 'Wow' factor--this is third and final time I will use that phrase, forgive me--but does not necessarily have the 3/4 vote support of the owners.

Battista reported that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has pushed a compromise idea of the Chargers and Rams as co-tenants of the Inglewood Stadium, which seems to be a popular option, with one exception--Chargers owner and popular favorite Dean Spanos reportedly does not want to partner with Kroenke, an unfamiliar colleague, in a billion-dollar undertaking.

There is hope that a vote on the issue will happen by the end of the day today, or by Wednesday at the latest.  If you are assuming that one team will be left out in the cold on this deal, you are correct, and that team seems to be the Raiders.  The question remains, will Spanos be able to be persuaded to partner with Kroneke in some way, shape, or fashion, even if it is in Carson, bringing the Rams back and rewarding the Chargers who have been a mainstay of the Southern California area.

I will post a more in-depth look at the options and the outcome in the near future, so Stay-dium tuned.

See what I built, there?