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Did a future Baltimore Raven play in the College Football Championship last night?

With Ozzie and his love for Alabama, did a Raven play their last college game last night?

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Watching the game last night I realized the Ravens may be selecting one of the players of the championship squad. The Hall of Fame Tight End whom now runs as the General Manager for the Baltimore Ravens Ozzie Newsome is in fact a product of the Crimson Tide. And since the Ravens existence in 1996 the Ravens have selected 7 Alabama products.

Starting off in the 1997 draft a seventh round pick Ralph Staten became the first Alabama draft pick to Baltimore. Unfortunately not lasting long, playing for the Ravens only a single season before disappearing to the CFL.

Five years later, Terry Jones was drafted. A tight end whom was frequently got stuck behind Todd Heap. His rookie season only ammounting to 1 touchdown on 11 catches and 14 games. By 2005, Jones was waived from the team and became a San Francisco 49er.

The next draft, in 2003, the Ravens spent a 4th round selection which translated into an NFL talent: Jarret Johnson. Not the flashiest of players, but nonetheless a player who consistently saw the field. In Jarret's Baltimore career his final numbers were something to be satisfied about. 95 starts, 265 tackles, 20 sacks, 3 interceptions, 3 fumble recoveries, 2 touchdowns.

Wasn't until 2007 the Ravens went back to picking a Bama product, but the selection became a two-time All-Pro! Le'Ron McClain, a big nasty fullback at 6' tall and 262 lbs. The man was a blocking machine, and also quite the runner with an astounding 232 attempts for 902 yards and ten touchdowns in 2008. Also worth noting this behemoth took home an 82 yard rushing touchdown.

Since I found the video so easily why not share it here?

Le'Ron McClain finished his career with the Baltimore Ravens with 1,185 yards and 12 touchdowns on the ground. Adding another 453 yards receiving and two more touchdown catches for some astounding numbers as a fullback.

The next Alabama-Baltimore connection happened in 2010 with Ozzie & Co. selecting Mt. Cody. Okay, his real name is Terrence but the overweight monster could never get it together. He did win a Super-Bowl with the Ravens, but he was not a supreme product of said championship. In fact, the Ravens selected Brandon Williams right after the 2012 season to replace him. On to the next one.

In 2012, the second round pick for Baltimore turned into Courtney Upshaw, whom just won a National Title with Alabama. A year later and he wins the Super-Bowl. Now Courtney has not turned into the outside linebacker we all dreamed of, but the run stopping ability, and his attention to setting the edge is very good and the rotation with Dumervil last season was clearly undeniable.

And finally, the last Crimson Tide player for the Baltimore Ravens has been none other than the successor himself, C.J. Mosley. With back-to-back great seasons, this pick has been an amazing 1st round selection that I couldn't be any happier about.

With only 4 months until the 2016 draft, maybe another player from the Roll-Tide nation will be suiting up in Purple & Black.