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Ravens players take to twitter

Various Baltimore Players have been using twitter more frequently

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Ever since Torrey Smith left last season, the Baltimore Ravens starting line-up didn't have so much twitter talk. Torrey frequently was online posting from his adorable child dancing, to smack-talking Patriots fans.

This week seemed much different. Brandon Williams and Steve Smith Sr. front-running some great twitter banter.

After Brandon Williams posted his Instagram video mentioning how the Bengals haven't won a play-off game in his 26 years of life, some responded.

Boom, roasted

Boom, you're roasted!

Dude, you already lost, stop trying. And another infamous tweet from teammate Steve Smith Sr. already hit other posts, as his comment was letting everybody know he don't give a ...

Why would you try getting into an argument with SSSr.? He is literally known on the field for being the most vicious, angry, and hardcore trash-talker in the National Football League. This is a man who seemingly fights an opposing defender every year. A big "C'mon Man!" here. Some former Ravens also took to Twitter, discussing the Robert Griffin III locker. To those that don't know Griffin left this photo in his locker today.

People are taking this like he's an overreacting teenager, but this has been in his locker the entire season. And when a franchise treats their #2 overall pick worth a kings ransom of draft picks the way they've treated him I feel this is deserving. No outspoken tantrum. No diva acting. He is upset, but trying his damndest to be professional but also letting them know he does hurt from the franchises moves. Here Jameel McClain (and a retweet from DeAngelo Tyson) both show support.

Great response from McClain.

What a busy couple Raven twitter days. I always love seeing these kinds of personalities. Showing support for other NFL members, and also trash-talking their AFC North opponents.