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Rex Ryan is bringing his brother Rob Ryan to Buffalo Bills' defense

The Ryan brothers finally work together as the Buffalo Bills have hired Rob Ryan as a defensive assistant. Though both coach's failures are well documented, maybe it's a case where two can finally become one?

Ron Antonelli/Getty Images

Former Baltimore Ravens defensive coordinator Rex Ryan failed out of the New York Jets. Through an attitude that hyped up players but tended to push them over the edge at times to go with repeated failures at quarterback, the Jets told him to pack his bags. Then getting another chance in Buffalo, there seems to be some promise in a franchise that hasn't exactly been the best over the last decade or so.

For Rex's brother Rob, times have been even harder. Ousted at every stop along the way, his defensive schemes just haven't done much to wow the NFL world, typically finishing in the bottom half of the league. His last stop as defensive coordinator of the New Orleans Saints lasted from the 2013 season all the way through to the middle of  2015 when he was fired mid-way through the year. The Saints would finish 31st in both rushing and passing yards allowed per game.

So where else would you expect things to end up but together in Buffalo?

Fans are already clamoring for HBO's Hard Knocks program to head over to Buffalo and watch the madness unfold between a team seemingly on the rise and two brothers that could see fists flying at some point. At the least, it's a potential defensive coordinator off the table for the Baltimore Ravens who might be available mid-season if Pees were to get the axe.