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Brandon Williams talks about the Bengals Play-off failures

Star defensive tackle lets social media hear his thoughts towards the Cincinnati Bengals

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

"Just on record..."

The start of a tasteful smack-talk from Brandon Williams instagram page. The snubbed pro-bowl and even all-pro Nose Tackle / Defensive tackle let the entire world know just how he feels about the embarrassing Cincinnati Bengals Post-Season numbers.

But how about instead you enjoy listening yourself.

Oh my God!!!!! Front runners until the game means something!!!! #UAJ #UselessAfterJanuary #CantGetRight

A video posted by Brandon Williams (@brandonw_66) on

Absolutely wonderful to hear this young star already talking about the opposition with some disdain, and playful yet truthful words. He didn't go run his mouth swearing and getting outlandish, he simply made fun of their lackluster play-off numbers.

Now some may be inclined to ask about Brandon Williams numbers in the post-season, and truth be told he has accomplished so much as a win since being drafted.

Rookie season for B-Will didn't particularly go his way. The Ravens cut half the starting Super-Bowl starters, and they had what most already know to be the Super Bowl hangover. The Ravens missed the play-offs at 8-8.

But the very next season they did in fact go to the play-offs, and came up with a solid victory against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The very same team that the Cincinnati Bengals lost to just last night. His first game in the play-offs became a victory.

26 years of age, and 26 years Brandon has not lived to see a Bengals play-off win. Let's hope he continues the streak next-season. Go Ravens baby.