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FPI Projections have Ravens favored in 10 games

The team is favored for all the home games except Seattle, and 3 road games...

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens schedule has been considered hard for the 2015 season, as the team faces 2 of the harder divisions in the AFC West and the NFC West. The only team in those divisions which is considerably below average is the Oakland Raiders, who are still in rebuild mode, but even they are expected to show improvement.

With that in mind, here are the ESPN FPI Projections for the Ravens schedule:

Ravens' percentage chance to win each game

Sept. 13 @ Denver: 34.9

Sept. 20 @ Oakland: 65.0

Sept. 27 vs. Bengals: 59.9

Oct. 1 @ Pittsburgh: 44.0
Oct. 11 vs. Cleveland: 73.5
Oct. 18 at San Francisco: 53.1
Oct. 26 @ Arizona: 45.1
Nov. 1 vs San Diego: 64.5
Nov. 15 vs. Jacksonville: 79.8
Nov. 22 vs. St. Louis: 65.6
Nov. 30 @ Cleveland: 56.3
Dec. 6 @ Miami: 44.5
Dec. 13 vs. Seattle: 48.9
Dec. 20 vs Kansas City: 59.3
Dec. 27 vs. Pittsburgh: 59.5
Jan. 3 @ Cincinnati: 46.2

The Ravens are favored for almost all of their home games, and for road matchups against Oakland and Cleveland. However, they are only given a 60% or higher chance of winning in 5 matchups: home games against Jacksonville, St. Louis, San Diego, and Cleveland and a road matchup in Oakland. Compare this to the other top teams in the AFC: New England (over 60% chance in 9 matchups), Indianapolis (over 60% chance in 8 matchups), Denver, (over 60% chance in 9 matchups). However, Pittsburgh with a slightly harder schedule than the Ravens was only given over 60% chance in 3 matchups this season.