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Ravens vs Broncos week 1: Game odds

Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

With the first week of the regular season coming up this Sunday, the Vegas odds are coming in on the game. Luckily for the Ravens, they sit at 4.5 point underdogs according to

With the wagers placed staying close to each other, it seems that people betting are unsure of who to pick at that spread. The spread has stayed about the same throughout the preseason, with it bouncing as high as 5 points as of last week.

With the Ravens hungry to prove something and back up the talk about them, the first week of the season would be the best time to put the rest of the NFL on notice. Against Peyton Manning and the Gary Kubiak led Broncos, the Ravens will have one of their toughest tests of the season. With Marc Trestman calling for the offense and some young new talent on both the offense and defense, the Ravens look to be the strongest team we've seen in some time. According to the bets, the Ravens have a shot at the upset.