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Baltimore Beatdown Podcast featured on Rabble Wrap-up

Matt Stevens & Kyle Barber game call lands on "You Called It" Segment

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Here at The Baltimore Beatdown Matthew Stevens and I have been working on a podcast each and every week. Now also to follow is calling the Baltimore Ravens football games on It has gone swimmingly and viewers are loving it. But enough about bragging, and let me get to the video from

My absolutely wonderful and informative speaking translates from Carl Davis and his hit on the Falcons quarterback during the 4th Ravens Pre-season game. Take a listen and enjoy!

Big thank you to Chad Fishburne on making as much fun of my call as possible. Absolutely a very enjoyable game to call although the game itself was quite boring being the 4th pre-season and all. I suggest all Baltimore Beatdown Fans to tune into! Mute, Mic, Rabble! Matt Stevens and I are planning on calling every single Baltimore Ravens game this season so feel free to check us out. I know we aren't near as boring, and we continue to bring fresh calls every game. With Matthew and I receiving NFL Media info as well we aren't in the dark on stats, information, or numbers. Find us with the same name on