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'Hard Knocks' Darling Charles James is Coming to Baltimore

The third-year cornerback wants to 'knock the Ravens' socks off'.

Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Many fans of the television series 'Hard Knocks' were just rooting for cornerback Charles James II to make the Houston Texans' final roster. While James didn't make the Houston squad, something even better happened. He is now a Baltimore Raven.

The cornerback played pretty well in the preseason, and his gigantic touchdown rush as a running back in the preseason showed off his great versatility.

Many Texans pundits and writers thought James was deserving of a final roster spot. However, Coach Bill O'Brien and staff must have thought different.

During camp, James also gained notoriety for his excellent sock game.

James is certainly hoping to 'knock the socks off' of the Baltimore coaches, as he tries to find a way onto the team's 53-man roster. If things go like they did last season for the Ravens secondary, we might be seeing James sooner rather than later.