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Baltimore Ravens Sign Seven Players to Practice Squad

These guys may be unheard of to most, but we know that they have some talent.

Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

With the waiver process ending today at noon, the Ravens ended up with no awarded players. Two Ravens cuts, OG Robert Myers and CB Asa Jackson, found new teams with the Colts and Giants, respectively. With the majority of the Ravens cuts going unclaimed, the team was able to from a group of guys that they really like. While the guys on this year's squad are practically unheard of outside of Baltimore, the fans and front office know that these guys have flashed some real potential.

2015-'16 Ravens Practice Squad

  • Brennen Beyer (OLB)
  • Jeremy Butler (WR)
  • Kaleb Johnson (OG)
  • Nick Perry (S)
  • Bryn Renner (QB)
  • Konrad Reuland (TE)
  • De'Ondre Wesley
The following seven signings were confirmed by the team in a press release sent to delegates of the Baltimore media this afternoon. Wide receiver Daniel Brown tweeted out "Headed back to Baltimore!" this afternoon, but this signing has yet to be confirmed by the team. Hard Knocks darling Charles James, the former Houston Texans cornerback, also appears to be heading to Baltimore. James gained many fans on the television series for his love of obscure socks.

These practice squad players receive wages of around $6k a week. They also practice each and every day at the team's facility, just like the other players. The life of a practice squad player is unglamorous, yet they play a key part in the success of a team.