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Recapping Today's Roster Moves and Updating the Depth Chart

Now that the dust has settled, what's left of the Ravens?

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Today was a day of excitement and flurry in Owings Mills, where Ozzie Newsome & Co. had to make the tough decisions of who to cut. Let's go over everything that happened today, and what the implications of those moves are.

The Moves

Today's cuts were pretty unsurprising. I think most of these things were pretty predictable. However, while the cuts weren't too surprising, they have opened up some interesting storylines.

  • Matt Schaub is now our backup QB. Yikes.
  • Darren Waller was a dark horse roster candidate, but he made it.
  • Michael Campnaro is really the only returner left on the roster.
  • Javorius 'Buck' Allen is the current direct backup to Justin Forsett. Although there have been reports of the Ravens wanting to bring in a veteran back.
  • The Easton trade was super smart. The Ravens got something when they really should've got nothing.
Now what about the depth chart? Here is what your 2015-'16 Ravens should look like.



Special Teams

So there you have it. Apart from some waiver claims, this is your 2015-'16 Baltimore Ravens. How do you feel about this group of players?