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Ravens UDFA Center Nick Easton is "in process" of being traded to the San Francisco 49ers

The unheralded rookie had a fantastic preseason.

Matt Hazlett/Getty Images

The first big move of the day wasn't a roster cut, but rather a trade. It appears that the team is sending rookie UDFA Nick Easton to the sunny California coast. The rookie had an impressive preseason, and was the highest-graded player on the Ravens this preseason according to PFF. It's likely that the Ravens were just too loaded at offensive line, but just couldn't simply cut Easton.

While confirmation or compensation has yet to emerge, it's likely that the Ravens will receive a late-round pick in return for Easton. We'll keep you posted on any new details when they emerge.

EDIT: It now appears that a draft pick is indeed involved. No word yet on the specifics.