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Dockett to the Ravens?

Darnell Dockett released by the 49ers

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The man that once lead a terrifying Arizona defense in a Super Bowl has now found himself on the wrong side of the San Francisco roster. Darnell Dockett was cut this friday morning by the 49ers after a short stint with team that has many questions on the defensive line already.

While Dockett is coming off an ACL injury it is still slightly surprising to see him not making an NFL roster. The addition that he has played 10 seasons and is now 34 makes it all the more clear though. As you age it is harder to come back from injuries, and maybe Dockett hasn't returned to the same terrifying presence he once possessed.

Questions have arised after watching Jernigan go down, and Davis carried off the field (Carl has since then returned) if the Ravens need more depth on the defensive line. Maybe a "once upon a time" All-pro could help to bolster the Ravens front seven with greater rotation. Dockett was also playing OLB with his time in San Francisco; Doubling up and possbily playing OLB in rotation could also help to keep our Charm City favorites helathy and rested. A tactic that seems to work so well with the Seattle Seahawks.

Baltimore is $8.8 million under the cap, and if Dockett becomes desperate maybe Ozzie can work the veteran minimum magic he always seems to bring out this time of year.