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Ravens - Steelers: By the numbers

The heavyweight numbers we all want to see

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

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Since 2000, the past thirty games is a deadlock even for these powerhouse squads. The Steelers rocking out 2 Super Bowl's in that period, and the Ravens tying the Lombardi trophies column in SB XLVII. The numbers themselves are in fact enough to raise your eyebrow and think, "huh... I'm mildly shocked."

Once again, the teams are even in games won, but you'd think the Steelers would have a closer grip on the points scored. Or the turnovers. Or any more categories shown as the Ravens lead in every row save the Yards Gained.

These games are a warzone, and the last possesion usually wins the match. There have been few blow-outs in the match-ups, and that is exactly why this game has a lot on the line. The longer historied Bears - Packers match-up has been nothing near the power struggle of Baltimore & Pittsburgh. This is the greatest rivalry in football.

Almost always is it a victory that pushes either team to a play-off berth. but every fan of both teams respect this rivalry, and absolutely hate the opposition. Even I myself wouldn't love it any other way.