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Ravens will need to stop Le'Veon Bell

If Bell gets going, the Ravens will be in trouble

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

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Ball snapped, hand-off goes to Bell and...?

What happens next is up to the Baltimore Ravens, and hopefully they figure it out quickly. The highest ranking PFF half-back last season with over 2,200 yards from scrimmage is healthy and going to be a vital cog in the Steelers wheel-house.

His stat totals against the Ravens so far:

  • 2013 Week 7: 19 Att. 93 yds. 1 Rec. 6 yds
  • 2013 Week 13: 16 Att. 73 yds.  7 Rec. 63 yds, 1 TD
  • 2014 Week 2: 11 Att. 59 Yds. 5 Rec. 48 yds
  • 2014 Week 9: 10 Att. 20 Yds. 5 Rec. 38 yds

Those averages over the last 4 games total: 14 carries, 61 yards, 5 catches, 39 yards.

That's 100 yards from scrimmage Le'Veon averages against the Ravens. With Michael Vick at quarterback this week the Steelers don't have to rely upon Bell, but he will be mightily involved this Thursday. Vick can sling the ball downfield and with the best receiver in the NFL against the dumpster fire secondary the Ravens cannot simply tee-off on the run. The Steelers are easily able to use an offensive combination to gash the Ravens.

There isn't an easy way to stop Le'Veon. His skill-set across the board is high ranking in speed, agility, power, patience, vision, pass-catching, and clearly going to be the match-up to watch. C.J. Mosley is going to have his hands full this Thursday.