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Ravens vs Steelers: Quick hits

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens get their next best shot at starting to turn their season around with a trip up the Pittsburgh to visit the Steelers. Without quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, the Ravens will have a much better shot at dethroning one of the better teams in the league on Thursday Night Football and going 1-3 and 1-1 within the division.

One of the more interesting facts about this game, sent to us by the Baltimore Ravens is that it will break the stalemate between the two teams since 2000 as both the Steelers and Ravens have won 15 games each. Surprisingly, the Ravens have more points scored by a decent margin, despite fewer yards. Some of that likely comes from the 11 additional turnovers the Ravens have forced and the 13 additional sacks on Steeler quarterbacks in that time.

However, there appear to be no better two matched teams in the league as their postseason success is so incredibly close that you'd have to wonder which team had which record if it didn't have the city next to them.