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Ravens Falcons Recap!

Ravens lose 19-20

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

You want to talk about boring pre-season games turned interesting? Look no further than Baltimore's Week 4 pre-season match-up.

The constant lul of basic running concepts, and passing routes. Basic defensive coverage schemes, and no Ravens starters on the field during the entirety of 60 minutes made for an average game. The Falcons trotted down the field, made some plays, and scored 20 points. The Ravens sat at six points until 3 minutes left in the game. With a touchdown they put themselves up to 13.The final drive on the Falcons was pushed back and forth until finally a punt was issued on 4th & 16 with :58 seconds left. Then Daniel Brown decided to turn on the X-Factor.

With the punt coming Daniel decides to single-handedly block the punt and get the Ravens in the Red-zone.

Two plays later Daniel thinks to himself, "Meh, I guess I'll do all the work." Scoring the touchdown.

Subsequently, the Ravens went for two and a bad pass causes the Ravens to lose the game, but Daniel Brown did everything in his power to win the game, and win the roster spot he's currently fighting for.

Cheers to you Daniel Brown, and Cheers to the Baltimore Ravens 2015 Regular Season!