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GameThread: Baltimore Ravens vs. Atlanta Falcons

The Ravens wish to close out the preseason on a high note, can they do it against the high-flying Falcons?

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

It's almost over folks. One more week. Yes, that's right. After months and months of waiting patiently for football, we are just a mere week away. The only thing standing between us and real football? Week 4. Here's to hoping our scrubs and backups do well and stay injury-free.

In the mean time, all of this Ravens Super Bowl hype has got me like this.

Let's beat those pesky Falcons in the 'Battle of the Birds'.

Below is an excellent stream that will keep you update on all of the happenings tonight. Also, check out Matthew and Kyle as they quite excellently call the game live on our Rabble stream.