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The Ravens Aren't Trading For Alshon Jeffery Any Time Soon

The recent trades from the Windy City have many wondering if Jeffery could be moved to the Charm City, but unfortunately, such talk has no substance.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The recent departures of both Jared Allen and Jon Bostic from the Windy City have many Ravens fans thinking that the team could land receiver Alshon Jeffery in a trade.

Unfortunately, that's just wishful thinking.

The Bears just dumped two defensive playmakers for what seems like mere peanuts, and that's got many thinking that the Bears are having a 'fire sale' on their players. Rumors and speculations of Matt Forte going to Dallas only further fueled such talk. On the surface, you would think that perhaps Alshon Jeffery is on the block too. But in reality, Alshon is likely a different kind of block. A building block.

When the Bears let Jared Allen go, it was because he was a veteran in the twilight of his career on a rebuilding team whose scheme he didn't fit in. This isn't surprising at all, as there were questions arising this offseason surrounding his ability to fit in to the team's new 3-4 defense. The team's GM, Ryan Pace, also cited the team's depth at the linebacker position as a reason for the deal. Simply put, this was the right move for the team.

The same can be said of linebacker Jon Bostic, who left Chicago for New England today. While Bostic was the team's leading tackler last year, he didn't impress new coach John Fox enough, and quickly fell out of favor after being injured for most of the offseason.

Alshon Jeffery, the team's dynamic fourth-year receiver, certainly doesn't fit the mold of these departed Bears. The Bears are a rebuilding team, and part of that rebuilding process is to weed out personnel who just aren't part of the organization's future. While Bostic and Allen were the past of the Bears, Jeffery is the present and future of the team. Anyone who doubts that should look at the trade of Brandon Marshall to the Jets, which was a clear vote of confidence in Jeffery's ability to lead the team. It's also hard to imagine that the receiver doesn't fit into the team's scheme, I mean, what team doesn't have a scheme that allows for a 6 ft 3 in pass catcher that can grab everything thrown his way?

This isn't Madden trading, it's real professional football. The formula of a high draft pick for a stud player hardly every occurs in real life. The Bears are in the business of improving their squad and fielding a quality football team, no matter how long it takes. General Manager Ryan Pace will attest to that sentiment too.

"Whether it is acquiring additional picks or signing players, we will continue to be aggressive in finding ways to improve our football team".

Ravens fans desperately wanting another receiving threat may just have to wait for next year's draft, as Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome doesn't exactly have a past track record of mid season deals. In the meantime, the debut of rookie Breshad Perriman may help to alleviate the concerns of worried fans.