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Week 4 power rankings

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens showed a lot of heart playing against division rival the Cincinatti Bengals in week 3. They couldn't contain wide receiver A.J. Green, but they showed that they could get after the quarterback and even do some positive things through the air on offense.

While many outlets had the Ravens rated highly to begin the year, it looks like the Ravens are in a free fall on these lists. Hopefully they right themselves Thursday night against a Michael Vick led Pittsburgh Steelers

SB Nation
Rank: 20
Change: -7

The Seattle Seahawks, Philadelphia Eagles, Indianapolis Colts, Detroit Lions, New Orleans Saints and Baltimore Ravens desperately needed wins this week to avoid falling to 0-3 and seeing their playoff hopes dwindle to extreme long-shot status. A few of them couldn't manage it -- namely the Lions and Ravens

Rank: 22
Change: -5

Justin Forsett led NFL running backs with 5.4 yards per rush last season. This season his average is down more than 2.0 yards per rush (3.2).
Rank: 22
Change: 0

Before we get to the Ravens' awful start, how about Steve Smith Sr.? He is the most competitive player I've ever seen. He always shows up, and he tried to singlehandedly will Baltimore to a win Sunday with 186 yards and two scores. Bravo.

As for the 0-3 start, fans will have to accept that Joe Flacco needs pieces around him for Baltimore to succeed -- starting with a secondary that can cover the other QB's wideouts.

Rank: 19

"We’re going to find a way out,’’ John Harbaugh said Monday. Sometime in the next two days, though? Before facing the Steelers at Heinz Field?

Rank: 19
Change: -3

The Ravens might be the best 0-3 team in recent history. If any of these 0-3 teams can still win 10 games, it's the Ravens. But the hole is massive now.

Rank: 15
Change: -6

Never before has one team been so unable to cover one receiver.