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Updated Playoff and Super Bowl odds for the Ravens

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Our buddies over at NumberFire hit us up with their outlook on where the Ravens can finish this season. They suspect that the Ravens' record will be 6.79 - 9.21 (7-9 for those rounding up at home).

Despite the change in number of wins, Number Fire still gives the Ravens a decent shot at making the playoffs and even winning the division. With a 9.26% chance of making the playoffs, it marks a change of 8.98% from before the Bengals game. For the division, Number Fire is significantly less optimistic as they had a change of 8.68% down to get them to their 4.42% chance that the Ravens win the division.

The Ravens also slid down the power rankings for Number Fire to the 15th spot. With the Steelers missing Ben Roethlisberger, it would be a chance for the Ravens to get some of their confidence back and hopefully improve those percentages and begin a rise up the power rankings.

Team Rec Proj Playoff Div superbowl" rowspan="2">SB Offense Defense nERD
Ovr Rush Pass Ovr Rush Pass

#15 Ravens 0-3 6.8-9.2 9.1% 4.8% 0.1% 6.05 -0.54 4.74 17.49 -2.62 20.00 0.99