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Watch as Brandon Williams gives Cincinnati Bengals center a beatdown

The big man, Brandon Williams pushes Cincinnati Bengals center Russell Bodine back to the quarterback before shedding him and making a tackle in the backfield. Credit goes to the rusher on the play for dragging Williams another two yards to avoid a major loss.

With many fans questioning the Ravens' offseason moves, the loss of Haloti Ngata has been mentioned around town as a loss that the Ravens just couldn't afford. Yet, as Nathan covered earlier, Brandon Williams is the highest rated defensive tackle in football right now. In replacing Haloti Ngata, Williams has had multiple plays like this where he has made his way into the backfield and reeked havoc on opponents.

The scary part is that Williams is still young and growing into the game of football. We should see an improvement in him every year and every game really as he gets into his prime playing days.

Not a lot to be happy about as a Ravens' fan, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.