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New England Patriots should focus on themselves instead of the Ravens

Even then though the Baltimore Ravens do not face the New England Patriots in the regular season this year, the Ravens seem to be running rent free inside the minds of Patriots organization.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

The New England Patriots have no business talking about the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens are not even on their schedule. Yet a team that is known for saying little, they feel the need to open their mouths these days, most recently about the Ravens.

There have been accusations floating around that the Ravens tipped off the Indianapolis Colts about deflate gate even though there is no proof that the Ravens did such a thing. Head coach John Harbaugh has been pretty adamant about the fact that the Ravens never tipped off anyone.

Patriots President Jonathan Kraft feels the need to speak about the Ravens start to the 2015 season via 98.5 The Sports Hub.

"It's really too bad about Baltimore," Kraft said to host Marc Bertrand while laughing. Funny thing is, the season isn't over yet. If the Ravens were to go on a roll and meet the Patriots in the playoffs and beat them for the 3rd time in the postseason in the last six seasons, Kraft wouldn't be laughing too much.

Bertrand on the other hand then said that he wasn't surprised by the Ravens slow start because of karma.

Really karma?

Did karma occur when the Patriots were caught with spy gate in 2007 and lost in one of the most horrible ways in the Super Bowl going 18-1? By Bertrand's logic, it did.

Did karma occur the following season in 2008 when Tom Brady tore his ACL in week 1? Was that due to karma with spy gate? By Bertrand's logic, it was.

I have a question. When is karma going to occur for the Patriots with their handling of Aaron Hernandez? He was going around committing crimes and the Patriots knew nothing about it. Is negligence an excuse? By Bertrand's logic, karma is waiting for the Patriots too.

Mind you, this is the same New England area where Patriots fans make ignorant opinions about Ray Lewis.

And this is the excuse the Patriots fans love to use when making dumb comparisons about Lewis and Hernandez, "Hernandez was cut by the Patriots immediately. He wasn't given a statue like Lewis."

Well, first of all, Patriots fans have no proof that Lewis killed anyone. So accusing someone of murder with no proof is a logical thing to do?

Second point, it's easy for the Patriots to release Hernandez when the police were ready to arrest him as law enforcement had a lot of evidence against Hernandez. A lot of Patriots fans act like the Patriots did such an honorable thing when in reality they had no choice but to cut him as it was only days later that he was arrested, tried, and convicted. Not to mention that there is now others coming forward to say that this wasn't his only murder.

There is an interesting theme with the Patriots and the Boston media. It's okay for them to play the victim card. It's okay for the Boston media (not Patriots organization) to accuse others of things they have no proof of.

But when it comes to deflate gate or spy gate, the Boston media and Patriots fans always ask, "Where is the proof?"

Now THAT is funny.

The Patriots and the Boston media should worry about the Patriots. Don't worry about the Ravens.