Steelers Versus Ravens: Licking Our Wounds, Wanting To Punch Somebody

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As a huge fan not only of the Pittsburgh Steelers but also the greatest rivalry in professional football, Steelers versus Ravens, this will not be the fan post that I had in mind before the season started. I had envisioned two 3-0 teams preparing this day for a slobber-knocker of the ages in a fiercely fought battle to establish an early lead in the race for the AFC North crown. Why I had even went out on a limb and predicted one of our two teams would be the Super Bowl Champions at the conclusion of this season. Sadly, it now appears my prognostications were as far off as a Steelers corner-back playing any wide-receiver.

I do a lot of the Ask A Fan posts around the league as a representative of Behind The Steel Curtain but there is no need for that type of post with you guys, we know you, and you know us. This isn't a time for discovery, no, this is more like two fighters who are waiting in their corner for the bell to sound to meet in the ring and kick some ass.

I don't care what our records may be, I don't care who our starting QB may be, what I do care about is that no matter what this is still the best rivalry in professional football and we should prepare ourselves for a headbanging punch em in the gut all out brawl between two teams who really don't like each other.

Since many of us like to be in the prediction business now is the time to admit I have been predicting a Steelers victory against the Ravens this week simply because the home team on a short week has a massive built in advantage over the visiting team. No matter how hard I knew the Ravens would fight, I believed the cards were too stacked against them to get the victory. That confidence ended with a low blow against our very Elite Quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger who is out not only for this game but likely four to six weeks with a MCL strain and bone bruise.

So yeah, some of the excitement I usually feel for this game has been diminished but still this is Steelers versus Ravens, lets dry our eyes, quit moaning and groaning and talk some real football, the way only we play it brand.

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