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Justin Tucker Doesn't Take Missed Field Goals Lightly

If only all of our players had this kind of work ethic.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

When Justin Tucker booted a 50-yard field goal wide right in the first quarter, he wasn't a happy camper. The most accurate kicker in NFL history made sure to maximize his halftime. As a Redditor present at the game reported, Tucker was out at halftime practicing his kicks. He was in such a hurry to practice that he didn't even wait for the Ravens' band to conclude their halftime performance.

Image Credit: /u/clush

Image Credit: /u/clush

You might be confusing Tucker with a band member, but he's right there at the 30. According to another Redditor present at the game, Tucker was practicing drop kicks when there was no one out there to hold for him.

This isn't unusual at all for Tucker. The kicker loves to practice and continues to hone his game as much as he can. Last week, when he became the fastest kicker in league history to kick 100 field goals, Tucker and his 'Wolf Pack' were out on the baseball fields simulating the conditions of Oakland's Coliseum's unique playing surface.

While the rest of the Ravens may struggle, fans can count on Tucker to be the league's best at his job. I sincerely hope the Ravens reward him handsomely this offseason, and lock him down for many years as the Ravens next great kicker.