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Ravens vs. Bengals Highlights: Ravens Lose 28-24 in Thriller

Highlights! Get 'yer highlights right here.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

For those of you who didn't get to see the game live (like me), we've got all of the game's biggest highlights right here. This game was chock full of them, and that doesn't make my job any easier. These highlights are brought to you in premier 1080p quality thanks to a superstar on /r/NFL named /u/Exnihilation. Let's give it up for him.

Q1 07:27, ball on BAL 7, 3rd and 5, (No Huddle, Shotgun) A.Dalton scrambles up the middle for 7 yards, TOUCHDOWN.

Q1 11:38, ball on CIN 37, 3rd and 6, (No Huddle, Shotgun) A.Dalton pass deep left to M.Jones to BAL 31 for 32 yards

First sack by Will Hill III

Q2 12:42, ball on BAL 30, 1st and 10, J.Flacco pass short left intended for K.Juszczyk INTERCEPTED by A.Jones at BAL 30.

Q2 12:23, ball on BAL 16, 2nd and 10, (No Huddle) A.Dalton pass deep middle to M.Jones for 16 yards, TOUCHDOWN.

Q2 11:09, ball on BAL 27, 4th and 3, (Punt formation) A.Levine right end to BAL 29 for 2 yards (C.Peerman). FUMBLES (C.Peerman), and recovers at BAL 30. A.Levine to BAL 30 for no gain (C.Peerman). fake punt rushed by #41 Levine

Q2 09:30, ball on BAL 41, 1st and 10, (Shotgun) J.Flacco pass short right to N.Boyle to BAL 47 for 6 yards (R.Nelson).

Tyler Eifert's 'Touchdown' (ruled incomplete)

Q3 10:49, ball on BAL 10, 3rd and 3, (Shotgun) A.Dalton pass intended for A.Green INTERCEPTED by J.Smith at BAL -8. Touchback.

Q3 06:37, ball on CIN 50, 4th and 5, (Shotgun) J.Flacco pass short right to S.Smith for 50 yards, TOUCHDOWN. No. 27 - Kilpatrick (CIN) injured on play. Smith makes catch at CIN45, breaks two tackles and runs down right sideline for TD.

Q4 07:02, ball on CIN 44, 3rd and 6, (Shotgun) A.Dalton sacked at CIN 38 for -6 yards (E.Dumervil). FUMBLES (E.Dumervil), RECOVERED by BAL-C.Mosley at CIN 41. C.Mosley for 41 yards, TOUCHDOWN.

Q4 06:49, ball on CIN 20, 1st and 10, (Shotgun) A.Dalton pass deep left to A.Green for 80 yards, TOUCHDOWN.

Q4 04:03, ball on CIN 16, 2nd and 1, (Shotgun) J.Flacco pass deep right to S.Smith for 16 yards, TOUCHDOWN. Steve Smith ties Ravens' single game record with 13 receptions. Priest Holmes shares record.

Q4 02:16, ball on BAL 7, 2nd and 7, (Shotgun) A.Dalton pass short left to A.Green for 7 yards, TOUCHDOWN.