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Ravens vs Bengals Final Score: Steve Smith going ham up in here

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Steve Smith Sr. has no problems just ripping through defenders when he sniffs the endzone. He ended the game with 13 receptions for 186 yards and two touchdowns. Now this is on top of the 10 receptions and 150 yards he put up in Oakland.

If you can read lips, you'll be able to see what the man on his last ride thinks of his competition.

That would be the following players

27- Dre Kirkpatrick - "Trash"
24- Adam Jones - "Trash"
43- George Iloka - "Fuckboi"

Just in case there was any thought that Senior was entering his last year because he thought he had lost his edge, guess again. The man is as hyped as I've ever seen him and he is putting it to these secondaries just about every week, despite needing an IV after this very same touchdown because he threw up by the endzone.

If the Ravens want to right their season, Steve Smith Sr. is going to be part of the reason why it happens.