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Ravens vs. Bengals: Game Odds

Our friends at The Crowd's Line help demystify the chances for both teams to win.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

On paper, this game must just be a gambler's nightmare. No matter how much analysis and thought you put into predicting the final score, it's still a coin flip. You've got the pissed-off 0-2 Ravens playing their home opener against a divisional rival in what is a must-win game. Seems like a no-brainer, right? But their opponent, the Cincinnati Bengals, have been on fire of late, and are winning on all cylinders.

So what do the professionals in Vegas think?

  • The Crowd's Line: Ravens 23.3, Bengals 22.9
  • Vegas: Ravens 23.3, Bengals 21.2
What do you think happens? Thanks to our partners at The Crowd's Line, we have this nifty tool where you can make your prediction heard and compare it amongst other SBNation blogs. So far this year, the Beatdown is in fourth place for accuracy amongst all other SBN blogs. Keep it up!

May the odds be ever in the Ravens favor.