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Ravens vs. Bengals Weather Report

How will the elements effect today's game?

sneakerdog - Flickr

If you're out there tailgating in the lots of Baltimore's M&T Bank Stadium, the weather should treat you fairly. Consider yourself lucky, since rain is threatening quite a few games in the Great Lakes and Southeastern regions.

Here is what you should expect today. Our report is courtesy of

  • Mostly Cloudy
  • Temperature: 72f.
  • Feels like: 72f.
  • Wind: 10mi East
  • Humidity: 57%
  • Visibility: 10mi
  • Barometer: 1026"
  • Dew Point: 56f.
  • Cloud Cover: 87%
  • Precipitation Prob.: 0%
All in all, it's a great day for football.