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The Ravens are the only team in the NFL....

We know our team is unique, lets hope we can keep it that way...

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens have a tough divisional matchup this week against the Cincinnati Bengals following losses to Denver and Oakland, and it presents the team with a chance to keep the Ravens unique.

Per NFL Total Access, the Ravens are the only team in the NFL to have this distinction:

The hope is that the team can keep it that way, and stay as the only team to never start 0-3. This distinction is actually pretty cool, and I hope the team can keep it this way with a win this week.

We all know that John Harbaugh will have the team focused and rearing to go this week. The Ravens have alot of talent on both sides of the ball, and they just need both the offense and defense to put it together in the same week. Hopefully some home cooking will do the trick.