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Ravens cancel their extended stay out West

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens are currently 0-2 and there was talk earlier this week that the Ravens were thinking heavily about cancelling their second stay out on the West Coast since they wanted to change things up a bit. It has finally come down now that they will not be staying on the West Coast during the back to back games against the San Francisco 49ers and the Arizona Cardinals.

Falling to the Denver Broncos and to the Oakland Raiders during their first stay out West, it really is no surprise that the Ravens have decided to cancel the second trip. It clearly didn't work the first time and maybe limiting the distractions of a new location for these players and having them be more comfortable at home is exactly what the Doctor ordered.

After Harbaugh reportedly talked with the "leadership council of players", the players were heavily leaning towards just staying home, according to Ryan Mink.

Harbaugh had this to say on Friday:

"We’re not going to stay on the West Coast next time. We’ll be doing a normal travel schedule for both of those games."

The biggest reason for the change was the fact that this upcoming trip was going to be especially long, as the Ravens play the 49ers late on Sunday and the Cardinals on Monday night. Add in the practice time before the first game and you have a trip that would have lasted about 13 days.

The players apparently agreed with the decision, most notably veteran running back Justin Forsett:

"Personally, for me, being away from your family, it’s just too long. I got tired of face timing. For me, I’m glad to be coming back."