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Breshad Perriman probably won't play on Sunday, and that's OK

Don't worry about Perriman not playing on Sunday.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

At long last Breshad Perriman is practicing. He's limited mind you, but it's better than his status has been for the last six weeks or so.

He likely won't be playing on Sunday as Perriman missed almost all of training camp and preseason and has missed all of the last two games and their practices. He isn't ready to play on Sunday and he might not even be ready to play on Thursday against Pittsburgh.

But that's fine.

Perriman will be fully healthy and he should be ready to play on week five. He won't take the starting job immediately, but he'll be on the field and giving Joe Flacco a big target that can go deep. I expect Perriman to take the starting job late in the season after he's built some chemistry with Joe and has gotten the hang of the game.

Has this process been frustrating? Yes. A first round pick should be ready to contribute immediately, especially when they get taken by a franchise that knows how to get the most out of their first-rounders like the Ravens. But the Ravens handled Perriman as best as they possibly could and he'll be able to make plays for the Ravens before long.