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Ravens hoping the Hail Mary's go their way this time

The Ravens and Bengals have had some good battles, but lately it has been a toss up....literally!

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The Bengals have played the Ravens tough lately, sweeping them in 2014 with two tightly contested battles, and splitting the season before. That said, there has been a little too much of the quarterbacks throwing the ball up for the receivers to go get it in these games lately. And there have been secondary gaffes galore. With that said, the ball has seemed to bounce the Bengals way most of the time.

It started with this one by A.J. Green in November 2013, which the Ravens managed to pull off in the end:

Then 2014 started off with these 2 crazy catches by Steve Smith Sr. and then A.J. Green, in a thriller:

And then the Ravens had this one taken off the board with a questionable pass interference call, complete with a Oscar worthy flop from the defender:

So the hope is that the Ravens do not need to resort to any desperation heave's this week in the 4th quarter, and will have a solid lead going into the final period. But we know that if either team does need one, the game is going to have one hell of an ending!