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Ravens take a page out of Belichick's book

Jim Rogash/Getty Images

So in case you missed the game, or was playing a drinking game for every time the Ravens gave up things like points or first downs and were totally drunk....

Ravens Coach John Harbaugh took a page from the Patriots playbook, using Crockett Gillmore at left tackle on his first touchdown:


Of course this did not include the use of the crucial, illegal aspect of the Patriots play which the refs mishandled and incensed coach John Harbaugh: a player reporting as ineligible. In a shady move, the Patriots Shane Vereen, with an eligible number reported as ineligible, an action never seen in a game before. Typically, the newly eligible player reports as eligible, which did not happen in the Ravens-Patriots game, leaving it unclear who had become eligible.

In the Ravens version, there was no changes in eligibility, only formation, with Marshal Yanda lining up at the end of the line outside a receiver, and tight end Crockett Gillmore. who remained eligible, lining up where the left tackle normally lines up.

It was a slick kind of gamesmanship from Harbaugh, and I think we will likely see more of this type of play from the Ravens and other teams around the league.  It makes the defense thing more, and outside the box. I am sure Patriots fans will now start calling Harbaugh a hypocrite in addition to all the other derogatory names, but Harbaugh found a way to make their slick, gray maneuver into a fully legal chess move.

Congrats Harbaugh on one upping Belichick!