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The Baltimore Beatdown Podcast - Episode 12 Live

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We are going live at 6pm Eastern tonight and every Thursday as we talk about the Ravens loss to the Raiders and their upcoming divisional game against the Cincinnati Bengals along with some of the news from around the NFL

Be sure to share and rate the podcast on iTunes and Soundcloud and put this up on Facebook and Twitter. The more people on this crazy ship, the better we can make it. If you want to listen to our episodes live, join us on every Thursday at 6 p.m. ET for the Podcast LIVE

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Also we have opened up a Patreon account. The podcast will continue to be free, but we ask that anyone who likes the podcast to help support The Baltimore Beatdown Podcast. Even $1 a month helps us get better equipment and do cooler things with the podcast, like live shows and call-in numbers so we can talk to you all live and in person.

Also a huge thanks to our sponsor Rally Bus for sponsoring this week's episode. They gave us a $10 off coupon for all those interested in riding to and from the game in style (and getting tipsy both ways). Just use the code "RavensRally10" for your $10 off!