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Despite Recent Failures, Ravens Are Still the Same Team That Was a Super Bowl Favorite

The 'experts' saw something in the team this offseason, but the support has suddenly vanished.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

If you'll recall, one of the biggest stories of this offseason was that a lot of media attention seemed to point towards the Ravens, and suprisingly, in a favorable way. The team was a trendy Super Bowl pick of many, with scores of journalists citing the Ravens improved defense and new offensive coordinator as reasons for the team to lift the Lombardi this year. Pundits and NFL writers like Peter King, Brian Billick, Andy Benoit, Chris Simms, and Matt Miller all selected the Ravens to win it all this year.

So where's the love now? It seems as if the attention has moved on to other winning teams. But what's the difference between the team many thought could win it all and the team that is now 0-2?

Not much at all.

The only drastic difference between the Ravens preseason squad and the current team is the loss of Terrell Suggs for the year. While Suggs going down is a huge loss for the team, both physically, and emotionally, all of the components that were supposed to elevate the Ravens to playoff success are still very much intact.

"I see the Ravens winning the North—everything but their receiver group is playoff-formidable. They’re built for the bad weather of winter, with a top-three offensive line in the NFL, a good running game, and a tight end group (which could get Dennis Pitta back at midseason) with new juice in rookie receiving tight end Maxx Williams."

- Peter King, Sports Illustrated

"Top three" offensive line healthy and ready to play. Check.

Good running game is present, but hasn't been used to its full potential. Check.

See Crockett Gillmore's Week 2 performance for the status of our TE group. Check.

My point is, there's no reason this squad can't get its stuff back together. Don't fall to the ruse and think that the sky is falling, because it isn't. This team certainly has some problems, and I'll be the first to admit that, but so do other 'contenders' too.

  • Seattle Seahawks: 0-2 right now. Finally got Kam Chancellor back.
  • Indianapolis Colts: Offensive Line and Defense both need to show up. Quarterback woes, and front office unrest.
  • Green Bay Packers: 2-0, but have key injuries in Jordy Nelson and Bryan Bulaga.
  • Philadelphia Eagles: Have 70 total rushing yards. Chip Kelly's 'explosive offense' is 25th in YPG.
So the Ravens are definitely not alone in failing to live up to the hype. It's a long season, and two mid season losses would be treated a lot differently than the two that the Ravens dropped to open the year. The world of sports is one that is susceptible to and filled with overreactions, especially with how we consume and interact with media. Until statistically eliminated from contention, the Baltimore Ravens can win the Super Bowl, just like any other team.

Just remember, anything can happen in the NFL.