I Hate Ravens Fans

We lost two games in a row. It has happened before and it will happen again. Your responses to it have been disappointing in the past, but this time (probably because these were the first two games of the season) you have collectively stooped to pathetic levels. You've written off a proud team with a bevy of talent and one of the league's best coaches after losing two games. You're the reason why I don't miss living in Baltimore, and why I don't chat up Ravens fans when I'm out of town.

You're Dale from Dundalk, Mike from Parkville, Tim from Arbutus; you're that loser who actually allows football to dictate the quality of their own life and has veritable, DIAGNOSABLE emotional crises when the team doesn't do well. It's sad. You're sad. I don't like you. I like people who take control of their future and fight back against problems (for instance you can make the decision to think about other things in your life when your football team lets you down).

Words of wisdom from a fucking man: stop acting like a bitch when your team loses. If you're a diehard fan, that's great, support your team. If you're a bitch and you can't help it, then help us by shutting the fuck up. It's not hard. Football is not your life, and if you think it is you've already failed by investing your personal well-being into something completely beyond your control.

Go Ravens. Sorry but I'm not sorry about the language.

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