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Cornerback Will Davis scouting report

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Our friends over at The Phinsider sent us over some of their thoughts on new Raven cornerback Will Davis.

From Kevin Nogle:

Will Davis was always someone who seemed to have potential, but never was able to consistently put it together. He can ball hawk all day, but he cannot be counted on for one-on-one coverage. He is always one of the top performers in practice, but gets picked on during games. It was frustrating because the talent is there, he just always seemed one step away from breaking out.

He does have injury concerns. He only appeared in five games as a rookie thanks to a toe injury. He only played 10 games last year after suffering a knee injury.

A fresh start may be exactly what he needs. It could be like Vontae Davis in that sense, where getting out of South Beach and realizing things are not going well is exactly the kick in the butt he needs. I'm not saying Will Davis had any off-field problems, he just may benefit from a new coaching staff and a new set of teammates.

He always seemed like a good guy, and was willing to do anything he could to help the team. He was a good special teams gunner. He just ended up at the back end of a depth chart where he did not really fit the roster anymore.

After trading a seventh round pick in the 2016 NFL Draft for Davis, the Ravens hope that he can show some of what he can do both in practice and during games.