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Brandon Williams Might Just Be the NFL's Most Intimidating Player

I certainly wouldn't want to line up across from him.

Matt Hazlett/Getty Images
Based on physical appearance alone, Brandon Williams could be the scariest man in the league. If his 6'1, 335 lb. frame wasn't enough to scare you, then his massive arms will.

Just. Wow. Like, damn son.

These are no ordinary arms, Chris Canty called them a gift from God, saying "God has blessed that young man with a big set of arms."

Williams isn't citing divine intervention for these guns, but rather attributes them to hard work.

When Williams came into the league in 2013, he received a lot of attention for what he was able to do with those arms. While his school record 27 career sacks and 52.5 career TFL were both impressive, this video of Williams walking on his hands gained him more notoriety than any statistic. It even caught the attention of Coach John Harbaugh himself.
While Williams may look menacing on the field, this video says otherwise of his off-the-field nature.

#Mood Excited to go to Philadelphia and hit someone else for a change #MyCarltonOnFleek #BetYouCantDoItLikeMe #Throwback

A video posted by Brandon Williams (@brandonw_66) on

We've also seen Williams do another dance, and his best rendition of Bon Jovi before.

The Ravens will certainly need Williams to step up this week against the Bengals, as he only posted one tackle this week.